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    Hi sinjora Elisa

    I have read your text NATO’s New Strategic Direction South Hub in Naples: Strategy and Balkan Activities.

    Let me now inform You that southern flank of NATO has special role inside US – EU alliance. Look the geo strategic map and You will see clearly that hot spots are presented on the Arab and Africa continents. Three HQ are established Izmir, Neapel and Madrid but NATO has lose the most strategic partner on the East from Muslim states, thats is Turkey. The most burdened role for NATO will be aggrevating to Italy at most HQ in Neapel and Sigonela on Sicily to carry out military operations at southern flank inside fragile states. Italy became the most important NATO hub for logistical, supply and transporting troops in Africa for AFRICOM an Arab peninsula. Before was southern flank of NATO important to carry out military operations in late Yugoslavia at most were focused on Serbian forces in BiH and Kosovo. Balkan is not more priority for NATO but EU did to carry out post conflict stabilization process. NATO HQ in Sarajevo, Belgrade, Pristina, and Skopje are used only for military diplomacy purposes to strenghtening defense reform as part of transformation process before those states will be membered into NATO one day or not.

    I have only to tell You that Western Balkan states are not priority anymore for NATO strategy, is the problem for EU as part of European integration.
    Best Regard.

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